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Welcome to the Juicebox Wearables contest! Create a wearable, add it to the Figma file. The top 3 winner will win 50,000JBX each!!


Start by going to Piskel to create your unique outfit. Piskel is an easy-to-use pixel art tool. It’s free to use and user friendly.

Easy as 1..2..BAnny

First thing you’ll want to do is resize your frame to 11×17. Make sure that your pencil size is set to 1 pixel. Once everything is set, create your masterpiece! When you’re satisfied with your creation export the file as a PNG.

Upload to Figma

Once you have created your masterpiece(s) download the file and upload/drag and drop to the Juicebox Wearables Figma file. You are allowed to vote on your favorite design but be a good sport and don’t vote on your own.